YTY Does Good for the Environment with Lekir Beach Clean-Up

YTY is pleased to have taken the initiative to lead an extensive beach cleaning exercise at the Lekir Forest Reserve on Tanjung Kepah Beach, in collaboration with the District Forestry Department and the Manjung City Council. The activity contributed to the environmental well being of a protected area, as participants collected over 186 kilograms of trash that would otherwise have ended up in the sea, where it could endanger marine life. The activity was fully driven by YTY employee volunteers, with 52 members of staff generously volunteering their time.

The activity was officiated by Ravi Ragunathan, Vice President, Human Resources for YTY, and attended by Azqan Dalila binti Ahmad Tajuddin, Manjung District Forestry Officer, Muhamad Yusof bin Osman, Manjung Municipal Council Health Officer, Ishak Hamid, Kampung Batu 10 Village Headman, and multiple members of YTY’s Senior Management leadership team.

As part of the event, the District Forestry Department conducted a tree planting exercise with YTY Senior Management in attendance, as part of Malaysia’s national “100 Million Trees Campaign.” The five-year campaign is in its third year and has achieved 58% of the targeted 100 million trees to be planted by corporate organisations and the public.

Azqan Dalila notes, “The Forestry Department is very happy to collaborate with YTY in this project and be included as one part of the Company’s overall CSR initiative today. This area is a protected area where the Casuarina trees we are planting act as a barrier to prevent soil erosion and mitigate flooding of nearby villages during high tide periods. We look forward to future collaborations with YTY and we thank the company for setting a good example to the local community.”

Ravi Ragunathan notes, “This clean-up exercise was in one way a natural choice for us as, given our expansive manufacturing operations, environmental preservation is always top of mind to ensure we limit the impact on our environment and the surrounding habitat. The Tanjung Kepah Beach event serves as an important and visible link connecting YTY’s world-class operational practices to the external sustainability targets we have set to serve our local communities and improve environmental awareness amongst the general public.”

Aliza Khalid, who leads YTY’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs noted, “Activities such as this bring our local communities together through communal volunteering and a shared sense of purpose. This activity has also given us an opportunity to engage with key community agencies such as the District Forestry Department, Manjung City Council, and the people of Kampung Batu 10. We thank them for their presence and generous support, and look forward to deepening our engagement with them in time to come. Finally, I am proud to see so many YTY staff volunteers enthusiastically geared up to do good for the environment today. I salute Team YTY, and thank everyone who has volunteered to take part in this activity.”
Beach Clean Up
YTY team with Forestry and Kampung Batu 10 officials at a new signage, which aims to remind the public of the need to maintain the protected area as a trash-free zone.
Do good, feel good: The happy faces of YTY employee volunteers who collected 186 kilograms of trash during the course of the clean-up activity.