About Us

Our Approach to CSR

YTY sees corporate social responsibility as an avenue to drive positive change with respect to the welfare of the environment, its people, and the communities we exist in.  Our employees are at the crux of our success, and YTY invests in its team, providing ample opportunity for continued competency upgrading.  We also encourage our team to contribute to our efforts in giving back to the community via programs to benefit children, the elderly, and families in general.  Through our efforts, we commit ourselves to being great corporate citizens, contributing positively to community development.

Employee Engagement

Corporate Social Responsibility

YTY values good performance, made possible via its people.  Through numerous training programs, including Leadership Offsites for varying levels of management, YTY fosters leadership and camaraderie among the team.

The Group also supports innovation through its annual Chairman's Awards, which champions ideas generated at a grassroots level.

YTY also supports its employees' weekly sports activities and conducts an annual sports day event to boost the health and overall well-being of its employees.

Community Engagement

Corporate Social Responsibility

As one of the largest employers in the District of Manjung in Sitiawan, YTY is invested in growing the community.  In addition to financial assistance to key community stakeholders including local schools, joint-project developments, and local law enforcement, we make an effort to improve our community by organizing diverse activities ranging from blood donation drives, to visits to welfare homes.

YTY is also proud to be providing industrial training sessions and internships to students from local educational institutes.  We trust these efforts will inspire the community around us towards greater success.

Environmental Responsibility


YTY is proud to take a proactive role within the industry in focusing on recycling, renewability, and the desire to achieve a carbon-neutral manufacturing footprint.  Our facilities already employ a number of environmentally-friendly technologies, such as rain-water harvesting, LED lighting, motion sensors, recycled water strategies, reduced packaging, and earth-friendly waste disposable strategies.

We are fully committed to improving our sustainability scorecard by constantly assessing new methods to increase our use of renewable energies, improve water conservation, and reduce the volumes of waste generated from our operations.

Our Approach to Sustainability

YTY is also amongst the industry’s first to obtain an ISO 14001 EMS (Environmental Management System) certification, in recognition of its efforts to manage potential long-term environmental impacts from our operations. Our facilities also receive regular audits by the DOSH (Department of Occupational Safety and Health), DOE (Department of Environment), and the MOH (Ministry of Health), with respect to environmental controls, employee health and safety, and the condition of our machineries.

With these in mind, our partners can rest assured that YTY is a responsible manufacturer which meets international environmental standards.