YTY Ends 2021 with Multiple ESG Awards

YTY Group is pleased to have been recognized multiple times recently with respect to its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and achievements.

YTY was recently conferred numerous awards by the Malaysian Society for Occupational Safety & Health (MSOSH), the leading professional body for occupational safety and health standards and compliance within Malaysia, at the 39th MSOSH Awards Ceremony 2021 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this past November.

The annual MSOSH awards are intended to recognize companies who have achieved commendable health and safety records, and who have demonstrated best in class occupational processes supported by sound health and safety management systems.

In 2021, YTY submitted four primary manufacturing sites for review. We are pleased to note that the manufacturing site of YTY Industries (Acheh) was awarded a Silver Award; the manufacturing sites of YTY Industries (Lekir) and Green Prospect (Acheh) were each awarded a Gold Class 2 award; and Green Prospect (Lumut) was awarded a Gold Class 1 standing, making it the second consecutive year it has achieved this ranking.

Chief Executive Officer Vikram Hora notes, “The fact that three of our four operating entities participated for the first time, and all four entities were conferred an award after intensive entity-specific audits, is deeply gratifying. It underscores the comprehensive safety frameworks we have in place, and reflects positively on the deep and unwavering emphasis we put on employee health and protection.”
YTY Group was also recognized in the area of social compliance, this time at our wholly-owned Indonesia subsidiary, Medisafe Technologies, when it obtained a WRAP Gold certification with “Nil” findings based on an unannounced audit conducted in November 2021.

WRAP, which stands for Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, is an independent, not-for-profit organization that has one of the most comprehensive and well-respected frameworks for social compliance monitoring and evaluation. Obtaining a WRAP certification demonstrates dedication to ethical and responsible business standards, observance of the laws of the country in which we operate, treatment of our employees with dignity and respect, and a conscious attention to the impact our operations have on the environment and the community.
YTY was the first manufacturer of medical gloves in the world to have obtained a WRAP certification via its Medisafe Technologies subsidiary. Moreover, we are delighted to have been re-awarded the highly coveted Gold certification for the third year in a row.

CEO Vikram Hora goes on to note, “Through these revalidations, we have repeatedly demonstrated we are an organization that cares for our people irrespective of origin, race, or creed, and one who treats all employees with dignity, fairness, and equality. This ethos – best described as a deep-rooted sense of respect for the individual – permeates throughout our entire organization, and makes me deeply proud to be part of this Company.”
Finally, Medisafe Technologies was recently conferred two “green” awards. The first was a national award from the Ministry of Industry (Kementerian Perindustrian) in November 2021, wherein Medisafe Technologies was provided with a “Level 5” recognition – the highest possible – for environmentally sound production, advanced waste and emissions management, and best-in-class environmental governance standards.

The second award was conferred by the Department of Environment in December 2021, wherein Medisafe was recognized as the only company in the provincial region of North Sumatera to receive a ranking of Green (Peringkat Hijau) as part of the Agency’s PROPERDA awards. A Green achievement recognizes companies for environmental compliance in excess of regulatory requirements, skillful resource management, and socially responsible manufacturing efforts.
CEO Vikram Hora concludes by noting, “The recent awards have recognized YTY in multiple geographies for having best-in-class management systems, operating standards, and controls. Moreover, we have received these awards in areas that cover the entire spectrum of ESG activities – from prudent environmental management, to responsible social compliance programs, to superior governance structures. What I am particularly pleased with is that we have managed to attain these recognitions despite extremely challenging on-the-ground conditions due to the lingering effects of COVID-19 in the communities within which we operate. We are deeply humbled by these recognitions, but also know that our journey must continue so that we raise the ESG bar not just for ourselves, but for the glove manufacturing industry as a whole.”
MSOSH 2021 Gold & Silver awards received
Indonesian Ministry of Industry Environmental awards ceremony