Nitrile Examination Gloves

Portfolio Overview

Over the years, we have developed an expertise in Nitrile technology that remains unparalleled in the industry today.  Our focus on synthetic polymers has allowed us to grow into one of the largest manufacturers of single-use Nitrile Examination gloves in the world.

In the section below, we identify four of our most popular categories of gloves: Specialty, Low Weight, Black and Long Cuff.  SPECIALITY focuses on single-use gloves with unique properties, permeation resistance, and/or textures.  The LOW-WEIGHT section is for customers who want high-quality, cost-competitive solutions.  BLACK is one of our most popular categories given the increasing preference for a deep black glove in multiple markets. Finally, LONG-CUFF is for customers who seek additional physical protection for high-risk applications.

Do remember that the categories below are to allow for ease of review and in order to provide a general structure.  If what you see here doesn’t exactly fit your needs, we would be happy to develop a customized solution for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific hand-protection requirements.



Our Specialty Nitrile Examination gloves are designed with unique technologies and proprietary finishes, and are developed for specialized applications.  We are constantly innovating, and offer many “world first” technologies here.  We invite you to browse what we have to offer and reach out to discuss what you’d like us to develop for you.

YTY - Freedom IV

Freedom IV is the industry’s lowest weight accelerator-free Nitrile Examination glove that is compliant with both US ASTM and European EN regulatory requirements.


Vizion is a uniquely bright high-visibility Nitrile glove offered in orange and neon green. Hi-viz gloves are highly suitable for industrial segments where there are poorly lit environments.

Offered at 4.0g, Chemicool is the world’s lowest-weight Fentanyl-Resistant Nitrile Examination glove that is compliant with the CDC's permeation guidelines.