YTY Celebrates "World Turtle Day" with Community Service at Segari Turtle Sanctuary

YTY employees enthusiastically participated in a CSR activity focused on wildlife preservation at the Segari Turtle Sanctuary on May 27, 2023, in celebration of World Turtle Day 2023 . The sanctuary is located next to Segari beach, one of only three landing sites for green sea turtles on the Western Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

The activity was conducted in collaboration with the Manjung District Fisheries Department, and included 70 YTY volunteers and their families, all of whom helped to scrub the turtle pools, clear the surrounding area of trash and debris, and released 150 baby turtles into the sea from Segari beach. In addition to volunteer work, YTY donated maintenance equipment to the Segari Turtle Sanctuary that included a 20-inch chainsaw, a blower, a grasscutter, a water pump and two brand new wheelbarrows.

The activity was coordinated by Aliza Khalid, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at YTY, and attended by Nur Erna Ilyana binti Adam, Branch Head of Conservation & Protection for Manjung District Fisheries Department.

Nur Erna Ilyana expressed her appreciation by noting, “A big ‘thank you’ to YTY and their hardworking volunteers for reaching out and supporting the needs of Segari Turtle Sanctuary. The energy and team spirit demonstrated today was heartening. The equipment that has been graciously donated by YTY will go a long way in helping us maintain this centre, and allow us to efficiently pump in sea water to the turtle pools.”

Nur Erna Ilyana went on to state “Our work at the Sanctuary is to not only educate visitors on the importance of protecting sea turtles, but equally, to collect, protect, and hatch, turtle eggs with the goal of increasing the population of sea turtles in the wild. It is estimated that only one out of one thousand baby turtles survive into adulthood. Activities such as this are therefore vital to ensure the preservation and population growth of the green sea turtle.”

YTY’s Aliza Khalid notes, “We are pleased to have played a small, but critical, role as it relates to wildlife conservation. This CSR activity fits squarely within our Corporate Social Responsibility “Pillars of Goodness” framework, specifically the Environmental Sustainability pillar. Conservation activities such as this allow us to have fun as a team, do good while engaging and educating our employees, and provide a beneficial impact to neighboring communities and businesses. We are delighted to have been able to align our efforts with World Turtle Day, which is a global event that honors these graceful creatures.”

Aliza goes on to note, “I am particularly proud of YTY’s growing list of employee volunteers who want to do good. We always have an enthusiastic number of volunteers for our CSR activities, but were pleasantly surprised that registration for this activity was full in a matter of hours. Not only did employees bring their energy and heart to Segari Turtle Sanctuary, but many of them made it a family event by bringing their spouse and children as well. We are deeply appreciative for the communal volunteering, and thank all of our participating employees and their families for their efforts.”
World Turtle Day - YTY CSR
Embarking on a new journey: A baby sea turtle being released into the sea.
World Turtle Day

YTY safely released 150 baby turtles into the sea from Segari beach during World Turtle Day.

World Turtle Day - YTY CSR
YTY volunteers pose for a group photo after a hard day’s work at Segari Turtle Sanctuary.
World Turtle Day - YTY CSR
YTY volunteers sweep away trash at Segari Turtle Sanctuary during World Turtle Day.