YTY Donates Two Million Gloves to Disaster Relief Efforts in Turkey

Given the unprecedented devastation that has occurred in Turkey as a result of two deadly earthquakes, YTY is responding with a donation of two million medical exam gloves.  This donation is being provided directly to the Turkish Embassy in Malaysia, who is coordinating disaster relief efforts within the country.

Vikram Hora, Chief Executive Officer, YTY Group, notes “We are deeply saddened by the horrific chain of events in Turkey.  As of date, 45,000 people have lost their lives, and millions more adults and children have been displaced as 60,000 buildings and homes have been destroyed.  The trail of destruction has been unprecedented, and our heart goes out to the many that have been so deeply affected.  We therefore felt it was essential that YTY step-up and provide support by donating two million high-quality medical exam gloves.”

Vikram further notes “We hope our medical gloves can play a small part in the relief efforts by reaching first responders who continue to search for bodies within the rubble, EMS personnel who are coordinating far-reaching and complex relief efforts, and medical teams within the country who are tending to the injured with limited equipment and budgets.”

Osman Aktas, Second Secretary at the Turkish Embassy in Malaysia, commented, “On behalf of the Turkish government, we are deeply indebted to YTY for mobilizing quickly and providing donation of critical medical equipment for disaster relief efforts.  The earthquakes have been catastrophic for the people of Turkey, and the sooner we can get supplies and medical equipment to some of the worst affected provinces such as Hatay and Gaziantep, the sooner we can stabilize the situation.”