YTY Welcomes Employees Back to New Corporate Office as Vaccination Rates Exceed 99%

YTY is pleased to inaugurate its latest corporate premise as COVID-19 vaccination rates exceed 99% and employees return to the office.
Vikram Hora, Chief Executive Officer of YTY Group, notes “Safety has been at the forefront of everything we’ve done over the past 20 months to ensure our employees and their families remain healthy and protected as we’ve navigated through the pandemic.
The decision made by the Company to bear in full the healthcare costs for on-premise employee vaccinations is in line with this philosophy, and builds on numerous other “Safety First, Safety Always” principles that have been established by the Company in the preceding period.
YTY has been working diligently with local and federal authorities on a vaccination scheme for its employees, and was amongst the earliest companies in North Malaysia to participate in the PIKAS (COVID-19 Public-Private Partnership) program, which not only covers vaccinations for local employees but also employees from foreign countries (EFC’s), also known as “foreign workers” or “migrant workers.“  Given our early participation in the program, we are pleased to confirm that employee vaccination rates now exceed 99% at all sites, inclusive of the two-week efficacy period required after the second dose of the vaccine.
Given these high employee vaccination rates, YTY is pleased to reopen our facilities early next month in a safe and graduated manner, and in conformance with federal guidelines, to allow employees to return to the office.  Although work-from-home remains permitted, most of our employees are excited, keen and desirous to return to our corporate premises given the extended periods they have been away.
We can think of no better way to welcome our employees back than with the inauguration of our newest corporate premise, the Executive Center.”
Ravi Ragunathan, Vice President, Human Resources, goes on to say “We built the Executive Center in recognition of the fact that our employees deserve corporate environments that are beautifully designed, ergonomically efficient, incorporate the latest green technology standards, and provide significant employee amenities.  We believe we’ve achieved this with the Executive Center.
Over the past five years, we have continued to regularly upgrade, retrofit, and enhance existing employee workspaces to create an office environment that allows our employees feel energized and motivated.  However, the Executive Center is a purpose-built space that incorporates our most advanced and employee-friendly design aspects which will organically create opportunities for engagement.
With a modern design, 40,000 square feet of flexible work space, a massive 90-seat auditorium, a state-of-the art gymnasium, a fiber optic technology backbone that offers advanced connectivity and a digitally immersive experience, the Executive Center redefines the notion of a traditional office setting within the glove manufacturing industry.
YTY will continue to blend the principles of design, technology, and sustainability together in a harmonious manner to offer our employees a best-in-class workplace experience.”
YTY Group

Executive Center Façade

State-of-the-art Auditorium