YTY Assists with Flood Rebuilding Efforts with RM 75,000 Donation

YTY is pleased to provide direct assistance in a region deeply affected by the recent flooding, and to support The Salvation Army in their efforts to reach out and provide assistance to affected families in Central and Western Peninsular Malaysia due to impact of heavy torrential rain that occurred from December 2021 through February 2022.

In total, the Company provided the equivalent of RM 75,000 of assistance, split between a monetary donation of RM 39,450, to the Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Sri Muda primary school located in Klang, and a donation in kind of a Honda Accord vehicle to The Salvation Army.

The event was commemorated via a handover ceremony today.  In attendance from YTY was Tuan Syed Ali AlJffri Syed Jan AlJffri, Managing Director, Grand Ten Holdings, a YTY Group company, Encik Arifin bin Awang, Headmaster of Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Sri Muda, and Major Francis Ng, Regional & Emergency Services Officer, The Salvation Army Malaysia.

Tuan Syed Ali AlJffri noted “The recent floods in Klang Valley have been some of the worst the region has seen in the last 50 years. It has resulted in millions of Ringgit of loss in property and life.  Sadly, many of those affected are in the bottom forty (B40) income category, which means that they were already struggling to make ends meet.  Taman Sri Muda in particular, located in Shah Alam, Selangor, was one of the most severely affected areas.”

Tuan Syed went on to note “In situations like this, it is imperative that children, particularly those in primary education, can continue to attend school to provide a sense of normalcy, and to ensure ongoing learning.  The donation we are providing to the school will provide administrative support, but funds have also been earmarked specifically for students in the form of vouchers, so that they can purchase essential education items like uniforms, books, and stationary, irrespective of the financial hardships their families may be facing as a result of the flooding.”

Tuan Syed further indicated “In addition, we are pleased to also provide a donation in kind to The Salvation Army.  The Salvation Army has played a critical role in providing post-flood relief in the affected areas, and helping communities rebuild in the aftermath of these terrible floods.  However, based on our recent engagement with them, we noticed many of their staff were taking public transport due to a lack of a dedicated vehicle.  We hope that by providing them with a comfortable and well-running car, we will alleviate some of their transportation challenges, which in turn will allow them to provide assistance in a more timely manner.”

Encik Arifin, Headmaster of Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Sri Muda, notes “We are deeply appreciative of YTY’s assistance.  Given the limitations we currently face in respect of funding, the timely donation of RM 39,450 from YTY will help us meet our administrative budget gaps, and allow the school to function smoothly.  Furthermore, YTY’s suggestion to have us provide all 270 students with individual vouchers will ensure that absenteeism, or worse, dropouts, will be limited because of a lack of access to funds.”

Major Francis Ng, Regional & Emergency Services Officer, The Salvation Army Malaysia, commented “We would like to put on record our appreciation to YTY for their generous contribution.  A core part of our mission relates to helping those in need, and in order to do so, we need to get to the affected areas in time.  Many of our staff and volunteers are required to take public transport, which results in extended travel times.  YTY’s donation has meant we can now be much more agile in our response, and for this we are extremely grateful.”

Students and school administrators at Sekolah Kebangsaan  Taman Sri Muda receiving the donation cheque from YTY.

The Salvation Army Malaysia receiving the Honda Accord vehicle donated in kind by YTY to aid in their social work.