YTY Awarded Supplier of the Year from US West Coast Distributor

YTY Group is pleased to announce that it has been awarded “Supplier of the Year” from TNT Enterprises International, Inc. (“TNT”), an established distributor of personal protection equipment (PPE) in the United States, based out of San Clemente, California.

“It gives me great pleasure to recognize YTY with this award” says Anthony “Tony” Tonokaboni, CEO of TNT.  “Our relationship with YTY goes back many fruitful years.  As our partnership has evolved, we have continued to increase the number of products we procure from YTY on the basis of their performance and delivery. Today, we depend on YTY for a variety of medical-grade SKU’s that are critical to our business, and that of our customers’, in order to protect end-users in dangerous environments, or when using hazardous materials.”

Tony goes on to note, “While the customers we serve may vary, what remains consistent is YTY’s exemplary quality, unmatched customer service, and deep levels of innovation, irrespective of the glove being supplied.  YTY’s gloves consistently receive positive user feedback for dexterity and durability.”

“2020 has been challenging for everybody” Tony indicates.  “The need for personal protective equipment in general, and single-use medical-grade gloves in specific, was through the roof, particularly in the US.  YTY consistently prioritized TNT through these efforts, despite the manufacturing and health challenges that existed in Southeast Asia, and the temptation to supply to the spot market.  This reward recognizes YTY for their tremendous efforts and unwavering commitment to provide TNT with uninterrupted supply in 2020.”

Andrew Lanham, who leads the Customer & Product Strategies team at YTY Group notes “We are very appreciative of this award from TNT Enterprises.  As an established and reputable distributor of hand protection solutions serving the Western territories of the United States, TNT has been sourcing from Southeast Asian glove manufacturers for over 25 years.  The fact that they chose to confer a “Supplier of the Year” award to YTY Group for our efforts in an extremely challenging year due to COVID-19 is deeply gratifying.”

Andrew goes on to note “I’d like to thank the TNT coverage team, and the incredible employees of YTY Group, who overcame tremendous odds in 2020 to ensure TNT’s products reached their destination on-time and with no compromise in the quality YTY is known for.  This award recognizes the strong and committed people we have across the organization, who have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to go above and beyond for our customers.”