YTY Group Awarded Supplier of the Year

YTY Group is pleased to announce that it has been awarded Supplier of the Year by Clinical Supply Co. (CSC) in the United States.

“We are delighted to provide YTY Group with this award” says Mark Carnahan, who leads CSC, “particularly as it seeks to recognize outperformance at both the Medisafe Technologies business in Indonesia and the YTY business in Malaysia, given our on-going business relationship with both group entities.”

“Over the past year, YTY Group has come through with excellent quality, innovative products, and exemplary customer service. CSC has had a long-standing relationship with the Group, and I am delighted that this continues to deepen each year thanks to YTY’s sustained performance. We have always been appreciative of our partnership with YTY, and believe it was time to recognize them for their contribution to our business success.”

Mark notes “Clinical Supply Co. has been around for over 30 years. We have long-standing customer relationships, and in many cases, our customers depend on us for products essential for their well-being. Therefore, supplier reliability is critical for us. In this respect, YTY has never let us down. Their products show up when they are supposed to, and perform as required. Our customers love their quality, and at our level, we appreciate YTY’s responsiveness and their desire to be a long-term partner to CSC.”

Vikram Hora, Chief Executive Officer of YTY Group, writes “when we were informed by Clinical Supply Co. of having been selected to receive this award, we were very honored. CSC is a strategically important customer for us in the US, and therefore being recognized by them as Supplier of the Year means a lot to us.”

Vikram goes on to note “At the same time, this award is really for our people. For each YTY shipment that arrives on time and as promised at a CSC warehouse, there are literally hundreds of people within our company that contribute to making that happen. I am proud of our people, our teams, and the various employees across our business operations in both Indonesia and Malaysia. This award is recognition for their hard work, their passion and their desire to always provide an unparalleled customer experience.”