YTY Industry Achieves WRAP Gold Social Compliance Certification

YTY Industry is pleased to announce it has been awarded a Gold certification by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), an independent agency with globally recognized accreditation standards, that focuses on promoting safe, lawful, humane and socially compliant manufacturing practices through a comprehensive audit and certification program.

Vikram Hora, Chief Executive Officer of YTY, notes “YTY strives to continuously improve our operating standards, governance structures, and social compact with employees. Earning this prestigious certification is testament to our ongoing commitment to that journey of excellence. This recognition builds on a distinguished track record of achievement within the Group in matters of social compliance and forced labor given that PT Medisafe Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of YTY, was the first glove manufacturer in the industry to be awarded a WRAP Gold certification in 2019, and was also the first to be awarded a WRAP Platinum certification last year, after three consecutive years of maintaining its Gold accreditation.”

Vikram goes on to note “This achievement gives customers, regulators, and relevant stakeholders the assurance that medical gloves manufactured at YTY Industry meet elevated international standards in critical areas such as the prevention of forced labor, environmental preservation, and responsible business practices. It also gives current and prospective employees comfort that YTY Industry is an employer committed to the foundational principles of worker welfare, safety, and the preservation of human rights and employee liberties.”

WRAP certifications are issued only after a rigorous, unannounced onsite audit is completed which focuses on assessing the agency’s 12 “principles,” or criteria, which are based on generally accepted international workplace standards, local laws, and workplace regulations, and include the spirit, or language, of relevant conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. These principles focus on critical areas that underpin responsible manufacturing, such as a company’s compliance with local laws and workplace regulation, prohibition of forced labor and child labor, prohibition of harassment and abuse, health and safety, working hours, and freedom of association and collective bargaining, amongst others.

Vikram concludes by noting “YTY will continue to remain deeply engaged in conversations with relevant stakeholders in the region and around the globe pertaining to social compliance and forced labor matters, recognizing that these topics remain areas of active review and evolving regulation. Our participation directly in such discourse, and via agencies like the Responsible Glove Alliance (RGA), who focus on forced labor matters across the continuum of the glove manufacturing supply chain, will ensure we remain an agent of positive change within our industry.” YTY is a founding member of the Responsible Glove Alliance.
YTY Industry WRAP