YTY Launches Another World-First: Freedom IV ®

— A Low-Weight Accelerator-Free Nitrile Examination Glove with ASTM & EN Compliance

YTY is pleased to launch another world first: Freedom IV®, the industry’s lowest-weight Accelerator-Free Nitrile Examination glove that is compliant with both US ASTM and European EN regulatory requirements.  As such, Freedom IV will be able to offer a “Low Dermatitis Potential” labeling claim, as supported by clinical testing. Given the unique formulation used to manufacture it, Freedom IV® is also sulphur-free.

It has become apparent that as Nitrile hand-protection solutions have become more prevalent around the globe, a higher incidence rate of reaction to residual chemical substances contained within such synthetic gloves is being registered amongst the donning population. Specifically, Type IV Hypersensitivity has become a growing concern, and this type of allergic contact dermatitis is often manifested via redness of skin, sclerosis, vesicles, itching, or hives.  Chemical accelerators used to catalyse the molecular cross-linking of Nitrile gloves during the production process have been cited as key contributing factors to the increasing reports of Type IV allergies.

With this in mind, Freedom IV® represents a new paradigm in synthetic hand-protection solutions. Made with a unique formulation, it is Accelerator-Free, meaning it is made completely without any allergy-causing chemical accelerators.  At 3.2g, it is a uniquely low-weight Accelerator-Free Nitrile Examination glove in the market, and is competitively priced so as to be perfectly positioned for Acute and Alternate care environments alike.

Not only is Freedom IV® Accelerator-Free, but it’s also engineered to be compliant with both US ASTM and European EN regulatory requirements, including the European EN 455 standard for Force at Break, or FAB.  For distributors with a global presence, you can now rid yourself the complexity of managing multiple Accelerator-Free SKU’s in different regions and, instead, cross-sell Freedom IV® across all geographies!

Freedom IV®’s unique formulation is protected via intellectual property rights and a proprietary process of manufacture developed by YTY.  Freedom IV® is supported with a valid US FDA 510k, which means orders can be placed as soon as you are ready to take it to market with your end-customers.

Please contact us to discuss this technology further, or reach out to your YTY Sales representative for additional detail.