YTY Sponsors Local Run & Ride to Promote Fitness and Community Participation

YTY is pleased to be a corporate sponsor for Manjung Run & Ride 2022 (MRR2022), the largest community fitness event in the district of Manjung since the pandemic. Manjung Run & Ride 2022 is, as the name suggests, primarily a running and biking event intended to promote community participation and personal health in a post-pandemic world.

The event was organized by Kelab Berbasikal Manjung (the Manjung Cycling Club) on Sunday, June 26. In addition to advocating the core themes of individual health and community participation, MRR2022 had the added benefit of stimulating the local economy given the strong attendance. Over 1,500 runners and bikers navigated various courses, consisting of a 40 km biking trail, a 10 km running trail, and a separate 5 km running track. The Royal Malaysian Police and Manjung Municipal Council each provided assistance in deconflicting the flow of traffic, while a local hospital had first aid stations and ambulance services on standby at various points along the routes to ensure the safety of those involved.

The organizers were delighted to note that participants from biking and running clubs as far away as Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur attended the event. Many brought their families in tow, given the supplementary activities that were on offer for all ages. These included Zumba sessions, a classic bicycle competition, colouring contests, a dance instruction, lucky draws and many small contests by local vendors at multiple booths that lined the event area.

Vikram Hora, Chief Executive Officer, YTY Group, noted “We are happy to be a corporate sponsor for MRR2022. This is a wonderful initiative to bring the community together as Malaysia continues to open up in a post-pandemic setting, and fits squarely within our CSR “Pillars of Goodness” framework. I am delighted that many YTY employees participated in both the biking and running challenges, as this will provide them with health benefits, but also the opportunity to engage with the community at large.”

Vikram went on to note “With over 4,500 local and interstate participants, including both those that were involved directly in the athletic activities, and those in the broader community that joined in to support and celebrate them, MRR22 has brought a tremendously important, and much needed, economic rejuvenation to the district of Manjung.”

En Shahrul Nazmie, President of Kelab Berbasikal Manjung (Manjung Cycling Club), who organized MRR2022, commented “We at KBM would like to express our gratitude to YTY Group for being a corporate sponsor of this event. In doing so, they have helped us spread the joy of fitness, health, and community engagement. After two challenging years of lockdowns and movement control orders, MRR2022 was the perfect event to bring back smiles to the people of Manjung and allow our community to rally together in the name of wellness. We look forward to working with YTY again next year to organize an even bigger and better event.”
Over 1,500 runners and bikers participated in the recently concluded Manjung Run & Ride 2022.
Bikers at the starting point of the 40-kilometre cycling event.
Runners giving it their all at Manjung Run & Ride 2022.
Members of the community also participated in healthy  activities that were offered at the same time such as Zumba.
Dance instructors showing the moves to the crowd.
Bikers proudly reaching the finish line after a job well done.