YTY Resumes Shipment of Single-Use Gloves into the US Following Modification of WRO

YTY is pleased to announce that on February 8, 2023, US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) issued a modification to its Withhold Release Order (WRO) to allow for the resumption of shipments of single-use gloves into the United States by YTY Industry Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and all YTY subsidiaries identified in the WRO.

YTY is in the process of notifying US customers of this positive development and looks forward to re-establishing our longstanding supply relationships with them.

We thank CBP for their engagement as we have collectively reviewed social compliance areas of relevance. The comprehensive nature of the review has resulted in YTY further strengthening its processes, policies, and approach in areas that have benefited — and will continue to benefit — our valued employees.

We are grateful to our employees for feedback that has enhanced our ability to engage with them. In doing so, we have strengthened the social compact with our members, reaffirmed our commitment to uphold international labor standards, and made clear our desire to preserve the rights, liberties and dignity of our people.

Even with CBP’s announcement, YTY recognizes the ambitious social compliance targets we have set for ourselves will require an ongoing focus. We remain fully committed to devoting the time, resources, and leadership attention required to ensure we remain at the forefront of positive change within our industry.