YTY Appoints Head of Social Compliance and Corporate Governance

YTY is pleased to announce the appointment of Harinder Kaur to its leadership team to focus on Social Compliance and Corporate Governance initiatives.

Vikram Hora, Chief Executive Officer of YTY, notes “Social compliance concerns have remained at the forefront of our industry in recent months, especially as it relates to the treatment of the foreign workers that are employed in our sector. YTY has, through a variety of channels, engaged with various constituencies to update them on our high level of social compliance and the progress we continue to make.” “Recent examples of the Group’s social compliance achievements include being the only company in the industry to have earned a WRAP Gold rating and a BSCI “A” rating (both through our Indonesian subsidiary, Medisafe), and to have successfully and proactively completed SMETA audits across all of our Malaysian facilities.”

Vikram goes on to note “Despite the numerous steps we have taken in our business to enhance our social compliance standards, we have also made a commitment to continue to raise the bar. I am pleased, therefore, that Harinder will assist us in these ongoing efforts. Harinder has a demonstrated track record of social compliance achievement, having lead Molex on social compliance strategies for eight years. She has deep expertise in human capital matters, foreign talent management, and responsible business practices, having served on numerous regional and global leadership boards for Molex, ASE Electronics, and Intel across the span of her professional career.”

“Beyond the gambit of social compliance, Harinder will also be tasked with leading our Corporate Governance efforts. These will include initiatives relating to increasing transparency and accountability within the organization, limiting any perceived conflicts of interest across our business, focusing deeply on adherence to the Group’s Code of Conduct, and generally ensuring we stay true to the organization’s Core Values. Harinder’s focus will extend to cover all of our group entities, including Medisafe Technologies and Grand Ten Holdings.”

Vikram concludes by noting “YTY is the first, and to date only, organization within our industry to appoint a dedicated senior-level resource in a role like this. This action underscores the seriousness of our intent, our desire to be viewed as an agent of positive change within our industry, and our efforts to be seen as an employer of choice, particularly in respect of employee welfare and quality of work life.”