Malaysia’s National Security Council Commends YTY for COVID-19 Preparedness

YTY is pleased to confirm that, as part of a recent unannounced audit by the National Security Council (NSC), the federal agency concluded its review by commending the Company for the exemplary standards it has set for COVID-19 preparedness within its factory premises, hostels, and employee canteens.

The National Security Council (NSC), also known as Majlis Keselamatan Negara Malaysia (MKN), is a federal agency under the Prime Minister’s Department, responsible for managing and coordinating the implementation of policies relating to the security of Malaysia.

NSC has been the primary federal agency managing the country’s efforts against COVID-19, including initiating the Movement Control Order (MCO), the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), and now the recovery phase of the Movement Control Order (RMCO).

As part of its efforts to ensure continued compliance to the Standard Operating Procedures promulgated by the Government for manufacturing facilities operating during the COVID-19 environment, the NSC has conducted a number of unannounced audits of factories around Malaysia.

On June 16, the Group’s Green Prospect Sdn. Bhd. facility was audited by the NSC, which spent significant time reviewing the biosecurity, social distancing, and hygiene conditions at the facility, along with conditions at the hostel accommodations provided by the Company for its migrant worker employees.

In concluding the audit, the National Security Agency complimented Green Prospect Sdn. Bhd. for outstanding achievement in respect of safety control measures. In their closing remarks, NSC noted that YTY’s “COVID-19 standards of care are exemplary” and reflect a “best-in-class” achievement when benchmarked against other manufacturers across Malaysia.

NSC’s positive comments build on the results from other audits YTY has faced during this period. Jayan Arumugam, head of Business Operations for YTY Malaysia, notes “since the onset of the Movement Control Order, as of date, YTY’s Malaysian facilities have been audited 15 times by various governmental agencies.”

“Of those 15 audits, nearly half were unannounced. This means that the officials involved just showed up at our factory gates and sought to commence their audit immediately. We are delighted to confirm that, despite having been audited as many times as we have by multiple federal and state agencies, not a single major or minor Non-Conformance Report (NCR) has been cited by any auditing party. We have received only three Observations across these audit exercises, two of which have been closed, and the last of which we are closing soon.”

Jayan goes on to note, “In most cases, as has been the case with the National Security Council, the auditors have left extremely impressed with our capabilities, standards of care, and the comprehensive health and hygiene measures that have been put in place. It is also because of our disciplined approach in enforcing these policies and procedures, that YTY has managed to stay clear of any COVID-19 cases at the factory, canteens and hostel accommodations. This has allowed us to continue to supply our customers – and the world at large – the critical Personal Protective Equipment that is so desperately needed in today’s COVID-19 environment.”

While YTY is humbled by this recognition, we realize there is no room for complacency. We will continue to remain ever vigilant as it relates to the safety of all of our employees, both local and migrant, and the community at large, and we look forward to maintaining the highest standards of protection and care as part of these efforts.