At 2.5g, it’s the world's first lowest weight, medical-grade nitrile examination glove
With prudent barrier protection, stand-out levels of comfort and fit, and exceptional physical properties, donning this truly revolutionary glove will feel like you've put on a second skin — it is that amazing!
YTY is MDSAP-Accredited
Leading the way in regulatory standards and certification
YTY is Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP)-certified, and supports the updated regulatory standards and technical requirements.
The world's first true damp-hand don examination glove
Rapid-Don is the world’s first true damp-hand don examination glove exclusively manufactured by YTY through a unique proprietary process.
A Proud Subsidiary of Indorama Corporation
Indorama is one of Asia's largest, most successful and diversified multinatinationals
With 70 manufacturing sites across 30 countries, Indorama’s backing keeps us flexible enough to move quickly, and invest in longer-term strategic decisions. 

About YTY

YTY started out in 1988 with a mission to keep frontline workers safe at work by producing high-quality single-use examination gloves.  This continues to drive us today: YTY Group invests in innovation and automation to achieve customer excellence, and this has helped us grow into one of the world’s largest and most reliable suppliers of single-use examination gloves.

Today, YTY Group consists of YTY Industry, Green Prospect, and Medisafe Technologies.  Together, our gloves help millions of frontline workers in diverse industries worldwide do their jobs better, and more safely.  At present, YTY benchmarks production quality against Six Sigma standards, and is proud to be a consistent recipient of numerous "Supplier of the Year" and "Best Supply Chain" awards from its customers.

YTY Fast Facts

Leader in Thin-Weight Nitrile

A global player with a reputation for innovation within the industry and one of a handful of leaders in thin-weight nitrile technology

Passion for New Technologies

We thrive on “next-gen” production platforms, systems and polymer technologies, as we work with customers on R&D tie-ups for improved products and costs

Unparalleled Quality & Consistency

Deeply committed to quality and on-time delivery, we hold the industry's most enviable US FDA track-record to date

"OEM-only" Manufacturer by Design

100% of our shipments are private-label for our customers.  By doing only private-label manufacturing, we avoid channel conflict, and our partners love that

We Cater to Your Specific Needs

With both single and double-former lines in multiple facilities, it gives us flexibility for taking client orders as per their desired volumes and reduces redundancy

A Leading Customer Base

Our supply relations extend to the largest and most discerning of blue-chip distributors the world over. This is a testament of our consistent commitment

Numerous Awards & Recognition

We are proud repeat recipients of numerous “Supplier of the Year” and “Best Supply Chain” awards from our customers: testament to our sustained quality

World-Class Customer Service

The best-in-class customer satisfaction experience within the industry by having a 'customer-first' mentality ingrained in our philosophies

Our Products


The perfect fit for flexibility and cost-efficiency


Unique solutions for specialized needs


A popular choice — because black is badass!


An extended cuff length for extra protection


The perfect fit for flexibility and cost-efficiency​


Unique solutions for specialized needs


A popular choice — because black is badass!​


Offered in an extended cuff length for extra protection

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Reason #3

Lightweight and less resistant to friction when donning

Nitrile disposable gloves are now made in substantially lower weights than natural rubber disposable gloves, allowing for cost benefits that cannot be realized with latex disposables gloves. YTY’s nitrile gloves have extremely low modulus due to a proprietary “soft-finish” technology, which allows for easy donning.

Reason #4

Less volatile pricing as compared with natural rubber

Nitrile disposable gloves are made with raw materials derived from a petrochemical derivative that, while re-priced monthly, is far less volatile than the supply dynamics of natural rubber.